• T Bone Steak Recipe ASMR Mukbang #shorts

    Hello friends, I prepared a very tasty T Bone Steak recipe today and used it only with olive oil and salt and pepper and then seared and grilled it on the electric grill. It was very delicious. I would be happy to continue making videos like this.

    Recipe ingredients:

    • 1x a T Bone Steak

    • Salt and pepper

    • Olive oil

    Take your meat and massage it with the ingredients and leave it in the fridge for the spices to soak in and then sear it on each side. Subscribe to my channel. #shorts #steakrecipe #mukbang Greet your Rsun

  • Ramen Noodles Recipe with Egg and Beef #shorts

    Hello friends, I opened a Korean ramen noodle pack today. The smells of the spices could also be applied to Asian, Japanese and Chinese in general. I spiced it up a bit and created my own recipe for my ramen noodle and added beef, cheese, basil, peppers and egg.

    Ingredients recipe:

    • 1x ramen noodle with beef flavor (Korean style)

    • a few leaves of fresh basil

    • some colored peppers

    • 1x egg

    • some cheese

    After cooking, add your fresh ingredients and enjoy the noodles.

    Greetings your Rsun Do not forget to subscribe 🙂 #ramen #noodles #recipe #shorts

  • Chamomile Milk Tea Recipe #shorts

    Hello friends, today I made a calming milk chamomile tea with chamomile tea to relax and after a long day at work. I used lemon, cinnamon, nutmeg, cream and honey and it was delicious and I can only recommend it. Feel free to try it. Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel so you don’t miss any more recipes, tips and life hacks related to food and cooking.

    Recipe ingredients:

    • 1x glass of chamomile tea

    • 1x glass of boiled milk with cream

    • pinch of cinnamon

    • pinch nutmeg

    • pinch of honey

    • a small amount of lemon juice and a slice of deco lemon

    Take your time and try it out, add milk with cream to your chamomile tea recipe and then mix all the ingredients together.

    Greetings your Rsun

  • Protein Powder Drink Recipe with Oatmeal and Banana #shorts

    Hello friends, today I made a very special protein powder drink with banana and oatmeal and it was very delicious and I would recommend you to try it.

    Recipe ingredients:

    • 1x banana

    • 1 glass of milk

    • 3 scoops of whey protein (chocolate flavor)

    • pinch oatmeal

    • pinch of cinnamon

    • pinch nutmeg

    • pinch of honey

    • pinch chocolate syrup

    Take all the ingredients and pop it in the blender and you have a delicious protein drink recipe for your diet or workout.

    Greet your Rsun #shorts #asmr #mukbang

  • Lowcarb Cucumber Sushi Boat 🍣#recipe #sushi #shorts

    Hello friends, I tried a great recipe today and can only recommend it to you. I prepared a lowcarb cucumber sushi boat, I bathed avocado with salmon in soy sauce and then put it on the cucumber and it was fantastically delicious.

    Recipe ingredients:

    • 1x cucumber

    • half avocado

    • 100g salmon

    • a tablespoon of cream cheese

    • some sesame

    • some chives

    Take the cucumber and empty the inside and then you pack in the cream cheese and then the mixed salmon and avocado and all the spices on top.

    Greetings your Rsun #recipe #sushi #shorts

  • Pudding Recipe with Chia & Dates #shorts

    Hello friends, today I conjured up a treat with pudding chia and dates recipe and it was incredibly delicious and tasty. I recommend you to do it.

    Recipe ingredients:

    • 2-3 dates

    • 1x glass of milk

    • pinch of chia

    • pinch pudding powder

    • pinch of cream

    • pinch chocolate chips

    • some honey

    Take the milk and let it boil up a bit with the pudding powder and mix the chia seeds and let it cool down and put it in the fridge. Then take the dates and then the cream and chocolate pieces and enjoy. Please leave a comment and subscribe to the channel.

    Greetings your rsun #shorts #puddingrecipe #asmrvideo

  • My Healthy Food Recipe for Weight loss with Broccoli 🥦 #healthy #weightloss #broccoli

    Hello friends, I made a very quick recipe today. Brocolli with a yoghurt dip and it is very tasty and easy to use in a diet and good for losing weight.

    Recipe ingredients:

    • 1x half broccoli

    • 100ml natural yoghurt

    • pinch of parsley

    • pinch of chives

    • Garlic

    • Salt

    • Pepper

    • Olive oil

    Take half a broccoli and put it in a bowl and put some boiled water maybe from the kettle and then pour it on and close it with the plate or lid in the saucepan it can also be for 6-10 minutes. Then you make your dip and mix the remaining ingredients and enjoy. I love my broccoli undercooked.

    Greetings Rsun

  • My Fresh Mint Spirulina Drink Recipe #shorts #healthy #freshdrink

    Hello friends, I made a refreshing fresh spirulina drink with ice cubes recipe today after a long day at work. You are welcome to try it and you need spirulina first and foremost and you can vary the other ingredients instead of lime you can also use lemon. This is also a very good tasty healthy diet drink.

    Recipe ingredients:

    • 1 tablespoon Spirulina powder

    • some ice cubes

    • 250ml of water

    • pinch of honey

    • fresh mint

    Take the ice cubes and run them through the blender with the spirulina and then you mix your lime and honey and mint and you have a delicious fresh drink. Greetings your rsun.

  • My Big Mac Style Recipe at Home #rsuneats

    Hello friends, I want to give you something in return for watching my videos. I’m giving away a $100 Amazon gift card. I will also be giving away another $10 Amazon Gift Certificate to the others. Write your Instagram in the comments and subscribe if you haven’t subscribed. The raffle for the Amazon gift voucher ends on September 1st, 2023. In this video I made a Big Mac recipe my way to take home with delicious Black Angus ground beef and I can only recommend it to you.

    Recipe ingredients:

    • 1x 200g Black Angus minced meat

    • 2x hamburger bread

    • 2x onion

    • 2x tomatoes

    • Piece of lettuce

    • Mayo and ketchup

    • 2x slices of cheese

    Take the hamburger bread and fry it nicely in the pan and then fry the meat patties and put the cheese slices on top. Ketchup and mayo on the salads on the hamburger bread and then you can put your seared meat with cheese on top and serve and enjoy.

    Greet your Rsun #shorts #rsuneats #bigmacrecipe

  • My Favorit Hot Protein Drink Recipe #freshmint #proteindrink #recipe

    Hello friends, today I prepared a hot drink with protein powder, I used fresh mint and refined it with lemon and it was very tasty and I can recommend it to everyone.

    Recipe ingredients:

    • 1x Lemon

    • fresh mint

    • pinch protein powder

    • 250ml hot water

    • pinch of honey

    Take a glass of protein powder mixed with lemon and add the fresh mint, take the fresh mint leaves and pour it with hot water and then enjoy it. Greet your Rsun

  • Pani Puri Recipe with Masala & Nacho Homemade Golgappa or Puchka

    Hello friends, today I made a recipe for Pani Puri Masala as Homemade Golgappa or Puchka. I ate it with salsa nacho and it was so delicious. Feel free to try it.

    Recipe ingredients:

    • 1x Pack of Nacho Chips with Salsa

    • 1x onion – some tomatoes

    • pinch of masala

    • pinch of olive oil

    • pinch lime juice

    • Lemon juice

    • Pinch of ketchup

    Take the fresh vegetables, cut them into small pieces and mix them by hand. Add all the other ingredients and enjoy your nacho chips.

    Greetings your Rsun

    #mukbang #puchka #golgappa #streetfoodstyle

  • Dessert Recipe with Yogurt Banana Oatmeal 🍌 #dessert

    Hello friends, I made a quick dessert today with a banana and some oatmeal, yogurt and cinnamon. It was delicious and you can try it yourself.

    Recipe ingredients: 

    • 1x ripe banana

    • 250ml yoghurt

    • pinch of cinnamon

    • 100g oatmeal

    Take all the ingredients and mix them in a bowl and enjoy your quick dessert recipe.

    Greetings your Rsun #recipe #dessert


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